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EFOS is the next generation Real Time Operating System from VINJEY that is designed with performance, flexibility and ease of use in mind. Complex Real-time applications demands stringent memory requirements and very high demand for efficiency. EFOS being app-morphic can be configured depending upon the needs of the application.

EFOS is App-Morphic

EFOS is application morphic. Each application needs certain features from the Real Time Operating System it uses. We understand that the needs of each application are different from that of others. Also we understand that the needs of a developer are different at various stages of development life-cycle. EFOS is flexible and it is configurable to the needs of the application.

EFOS is Memory-Efficient

EFOS is highly memory efficient. Real-time systems today perform lot of complex tasks with very little memory at its disposal. At VINJEY we value every byte of your memory. Our developers spend number of days for reducing few bytes in the kernel. We ensure through our extensive code-review and expertise that every line of code is well-spent. Minimal version of EFOS for x86-real mode implementation comes at around 2KB.

EFOS is Performance-Efficient

EFOS is highly performance efficient. EFOS is designed to deliver high level of performance to the demanding real-time applications. EFOS system calls take very little CPU cycles to execute leaving the other CPU cycles for development of creative and demanding real-time applications.

EFOS is Real Time-Efficient

EFOS has very low context switching time, low interrupt latency time. Interrupts are disabled in the kernel only where it is absolutely necessary and always for a very short time which means low interrupts latency time. With the app-morphic feature, EFOS can be configured to be either Hard-Real Time Operating System (-Or-) Soft Real Time Operating System depending upon your needs.

EFOS is fully scalable

There is no limitation on the number of Tasks, Semaphore (-Or-) any EFOS object that can be created. The limitation comes only depending on the availability of the memory. EFOS is also ROMable.

EFOS is easy to use

EFOS is easy to understand and use. EFOS comes with easy to understand documentation and examples. It aids developer to start concentrating on his application rather than on the intricate of the RTOS.

EFOS comes with trial version that runs on your PC

VINJEY provides free EFOS trial version for prospective customers to evaluate EFOS before they buy. It comes with documentation, examples and library. You can run most of the components of EFOS completely on your PC. You don't need any board (-Or-) specific hardware to try the same.

EFOS is royalty-free

At VINJEY we believe that we can be successful by making you successful. We have very flexible licensing options suiting your needs. Please refer to the licensing section for details on licensing options.

EFOS comes with source-code

EFOS package comes with the full source-code of EFOS. EFOS source is well documented. The number of lines of comments in source code is much more than that of C/assembly source. It comes with the documentation that explains every aspect of the source code. EFOS Source code provides the configuration options to tune it to needs of the application.

EFOS comes with Test-Suite

EFOS package comes with the test-suite that we use for testing the EFOS for the release. EFOS Test-suite is designed to ensure that every line of the source code is tested.

  • TMS320C6000 DSP
  • Intel x86

  API Document

Application Programming Interface document for EFOS – RTOS is available for download. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details


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