Competency - Multimedia Codec Software Development


Multimedia Codec Software Development:
Our focus has been on developing optimized multimedia software codecs for RISC/DSP platforms. We have an enthusiastic team whose passion to innovate is only matched by its desire to succeed. We believe that value system is basic to our success. Our core objective in the design and development of our line of products is the minimal usage of resources such as MHz and memory, ensuring that every byte and every CPU cycle is well spent in our customer's systems resulting in a greater value-for-money for the product which is customized to meet our customer's need.
Technical Accomplishments
  • World’s first commercial independent implementation of Ogg Vorbis Decoding Technology.
  • World’s first commercial independent implementation of FLAC Encoding/Decoding Technology.
  • World’s second IP Company to obtain certification for Windows Media Audio Lossless Technology.
  • First Indian Company to have implementation of Flash File System.

Why Vinjey

Optimized Implementation

VINJEY's solutions are designed from scratch with MIPS and memory in mind. Through extensive design and code reviews, VINJEY ensures that every byte and every CPU cycle is well spent.

Reliable & Easy to operate

Through our test suits, we ensure that our solutions are well tested. Test suites include code coverage test, black box test, conformance tests. Application Program Interface is designed to be simple to ensure smoother and faster integration to customer's product.

Field Proven Solutions with Extensive Support

VINJEY's solutions are field proven in market, which has enabled our customers to succeed in their market.

Free Trial Version

VINJEY provides free trial version of products to our prospective customers for evaluation. It enables customers to evaluate and test the products and purchase the same only if they are satisfied.

Extensive Support

We understand that our customer's product success is critical to our success. We provide 90 days free email/telephone support after the product delivery, to aid integration to customer system go smoothly. All customer queries are typically answered within one business day.

Cost Effective License Model

VINJEY's license model is designed to create business values for our customer. Our customers appreciate how our technologies help them to create sustainable business values.

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