Audio Codecs


Audio Codecs
  • Royality free model
  • Business and cost impact
  • Low memory footprint solutions
  • Time to Market
  • Product Customization
  • IP Solutions
  • Assured Quality
  • Proven Performance
  • Integration Services
  • Unique partnership model

VINJEY Audio is an easy-to-integrate high quality player/recorder solution for both portable and professional audio appliances. The VINJEY Audio brings all the features, audio SOC/OEM vendor’s demand of complete player solutions, to deliver high-quality music experience even on constrained SOC platforms. The VINJEY Audio software supports all key formats, including MP3, FLAC,OGG VORBIS,WMA LOSELESS,WMA PRO,SBC and WMA, wrapped in essential set of must-have add-ons like EQ, Sample Rate Converter, Dynamic Range Control, Parametric Equalizer, Mixer to provide complete plug-n’-play solution for any vendor.
The Vinjey Audio software is optimized for all portable ARM-based processors (including ARM9, ARM 11, Cortex™-M3) as well as major DSPs used in professional devices to achieve best in class power efficiency and BOM/channel cost.
Features & Benefits
  • MIPS and Memory Optimized implementation.
  • Simple API and Interface for decoding.
  • Sample Application to aid faster integration.
  • Comprehensive error handling.
  • Extensively tested.
  • Bit accurate PC Code.
  • Reentrant.
  • Sample accurate seek.
  • Partial input decoding.
  • Small Memory Footprint
  • Low CPU Usage for all decoders
  • Fully compliant to open standards
  • Easy integration and fast time to market
  • Time-proven solution – already used in numerous devices worldwide
  • Highest sound quality for most demanding applications
  • Audio processing add-on’s available
  • Audio SOCs
  • Portable media players
  • Digital Audio players
  • Electronic Book Readers
  • Car Electronics
  • Set –top boxes


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