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100 VINJEY participates in Texas Instruments DSP third party program as a software developer and provides DSP run time software for OEM vendors.
What TI website says about VINJEY
VINJEY has always been a forerunner for providing innovative, state of art solutions for embedded developers community. Incorporation of VINJEY Software Systems with ARM connected community in providing IP solutions on their platform will significantly boost all ARM connected community clients. It ensures the reduction of R & D cost and accelerates time to market otherwise which could have only amortized against end product profit margins.
What ARM website says about VINJEY
VINJEY is an application software solution partner for VeriSilicon corporation. VINJEY provides DSP system software and algorithms for ZSP customers.
What VeriSilicon says about VINJEY
Proven Software Solutions - the electronics industry's leading software supply chain provider and a knowledge transfer enabler.
WebSite:www.proven software
105 Design Win is revolutionizing the way consumer electronics are designed. Design Win provides volume electronic brands with a complete portfolio of embedded solutions, enabling rapid product development.
IonIdea is a US corporation with experience and track record in delivering strategic and tactical IT solutions which include Software Design & Development, Consulting, Systems Integration and Legacy Application Maintenance. Our technology strengths in the embedded area include: developing prototypes, Firmware / Middleware application development and total System Integration and Testing with a focus on end to end Multimedia Solutions.
APOXI (Application Programming Object-oriented eXtendable Interface) is an object-oriented application framework for rapid development of Man Machine Interfaces (MMIs) and integration of various applications for mobile communication products.

Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI) is a global medical technology company with leadership positions in advanced wound care and therapeutic surfaces.
Optimus is a benchmark in public announcement market segment with involvement over 80 countries around the world. Founded in 1933, company has major installation projects undertaken at Milan Airport, Singapore Stock Exchange.
Chips&Media, Inc. is a leading multi-standard video codec solution provider, based in Seoul, Korea (Republic of). Chips&Media's video codec technologies cover the full line-up of video standards such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, H.264, VC-1 from CIF to HD resolution. The company has been providing its advanced ultra low power multi-codec video IP's to top-tier semiconductor companies based in U.S., Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan.
MobiAppsT is a leading provider of hybrid terrestrial and satellite technologies for commercial communications.
QUBYX brings long time experience in providing hardware and software services for the medical imaging and color management industries successfully. QUBYX is a privately held company with its headquarters at France and commercial & development facilities in Europe.

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