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Audio Codecs
  • Royality free model
  • Business and cost impact
  • Low memory footprint solutions
  • Time to Market
  • Product Customization
  • IP Solutions
  • Assured Quality
  • Proven Performance
  • Integration Services
  • Unique partnership model

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VINJEY provides Trial Version to prospective customers only for evaluation of the product. The trial version typically includes most/all of the components of the product. Once approved, typically it ships within one business day. All the user details will be maintained confidentially. It will be used only to understand your needs and serve you better. VINJEY reserves the full right to accept or reject requests.

Currently VINJEY provides trial version for all the products on the listed platforms. If you are keen on getting trial version of products on other platforms Mail us. We will add trial version on other platforms based on the requests we get.


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