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About us

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VINJEY is a leading multimedia solutions provider that develops highly optimized, robust, cutting edge solutions catering to needs of SOC, OEM and ODMs. Our solutions are certified, well tested and are available for free evaluation to prospective customers. Our customers appreciate how our technologies help them to create sustainable business values. VINJEY’s customers include Fortune 100 companies and are distributed across US, Canada, UK, Europe and Japan.


To become World's No.1 Embedded Software Solutions Company.


  • Build best-in-class products that set an industry benchmark for quality, innovation, performance and provide unique values to the customer.
  • Become an IP innovation powerhouse which demonstrates the consistent ability in delivering complete solutions to our customers first.

Corporate Profile

Incorporated on March 25th 2004, VINJEY Software Systems started off as a venture by two entrepreneurs and has now developed in to a full-fledged software firm with its systems and processes in place. With associations, partnerships and clientele from all across the globe, VINJEY is on the forward path of becoming one of the most renowned and asked for Embedded Software Solutions Company.

VINJEY is an innovation powerhouse with a pool of talent focusing on bringing out unique solutions designed to suit client requirements. We understand well that the success of our clients' business determines the success of our products. Hence we ensure the best performance products with an unbeatable less MIPS and Memory requirements.

We partner with OEM's, ODM’s and semiconductor companies to design and develop software multimedia codecs which are customized to their requirement of resource constrained embedded solutions. All this is achieved without compromising on the quality of the digital audio output.

VINJEY has been in the business of embedded software solutions for eight years and our technological expertise in creating sustained business value to our clients has won us many accolades. VINJEY is a forerunner in audio codec software solutions and has been very successful in bringing out the best of digital audio outputs by drastically reducing the memory and storage constraints.

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